About Me

I am a systems and computing engineering from UNAL. I am a passionate software developer with strong computer science foundations. Currently I am working on Cortana, Microsoft's AI powered digital assistant. As a software engineer I develop scalable cloud services and frameworks that power Cortana on different platforms and devices.

Besides software engineering, I am interested in artificial intelligence research both in theory and practice using the latest advances such as deep learning.

Finally, I have experience in real and combinatorial optimization using evolutionary algorithms.

Contact Details

Andrés Felipe Cruz
Bogotá, Colombia



Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sede Bogotá

Bachelor of systems and computing engineering April 2017

My bachelor thesis is about a self-adaptive evolutionary algorithm that evolves the genetic operators at the same time the candidate solutions are optimized. This approach was used to solve the degree constrained minimum spanning tree problem with competitive results.

Universidad Nacional de Colombia (summer course)

Natural language processing and text mining August 2016


Design and analysis of algorithms Part II 2014


Intro to algorithms, social network analysis 2014


Systems technician August 2011


Self-adaptation of Genetic Operators Through Genetic Programming Techniques

Andrés Felipe Cruz-Salinas, Jonatan Gomez Perdomo GECCO 2017

Source code

Efficacy of a computer-based cognitive training program in older people with subjective memory complaints: A randomized study

Angela J. Pereira-Morales, Andrés F. Cruz Salinas, Jairo Aponte Melo & Francisco Pereira Manrique International Journal of Neuroscience · March 2017


An Interactive Tool to Support Student Assessment in Programming Assignments

Lina F. Rosales-Castro , Laura A. Chaparro-Gutiérrez, Andrés F. Cruz-Salinas, Felipe Restrepo-Calle, Jorge Camargo, Fabio A. González Advances in Artificial Intelligence - IBERAMIA 2016

Source Code


I have experience using the following technologies in academic and professional proyects.

  • Java (JavaEE, Android, standalone)
  • C#, ASP.NET core
  • Python
  • CSS
  • JavaScript (Vainilla js, jquery, AngularJS)
  • HTML5
  • Matlab
  • Grails
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Get In Touch.

Any research or software development project? email me at afcruzs@unal.edu.co